Vactor Truck Services

If you are looking for the best vactor truck services in southeastern Massachusetts, look no further! Bay State is proud to offer a variety of services to help you with storm drain cleaning, sludge cleanup, and everything in between:

  • Suction Line Cleanup
  • Sludge Cleanup
  • Liquid Cleanup
  • Vacuum Truck
  • Semi-solid Excavation
  • Industrial Pipe Cleaning
  • Storm Drain Cleaning
  • Catch Basin Cleaning

What is a Vacuum Truck?

A vacuum truck has a pump and tank, both of which are used to extract liquid or sludge waste from a location and transport it to a sewage disposal or treatment site. Typically, the most common materials transported are septage, sewage waste, and industrial liquids.

Suction Line Cleanup

Using a suction hose and pump system, vacuum trucks are able to extract liquids & sludge with the help of atmospheric pressure added by an air compressor or sucking the waste close from the surface.

Sludge & Liquid Cleanup

Vacuum trucks tend to transport materials like septage (fecal sludge) and sewage sludge to sewage disposal sites.

Semi-Solid Excavation

Bay State has the capability to use its vacuum trucks to excavate buried pipes and sewer lines to clean and pump them.

Industrial Line Cleaning

Bay State's unique high-pressure jetting system uses hot water to clean industrial sewer lines and pipes, showing again how we are one of the most innovative septic and sewage disposal companies in southeastern MA.

Catch Basin & Storm Drain Cleaning

It is important to keep your catch basins and storm drains clear of debris, so excess wastewater does not flood your property and become contaminated.

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