Why Septic Tank Pumping is so Important

While you may not think too much about your septic system because it does not require monthly or even yearly maintenance, you need to make sure you are getting your tank pumped and why you are getting it pumped. Regular septic system pumping will extend the life of your septic system and help prevent issues before they come up.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to pump your septic system.  We want to help you understand why regular septic system pumping is so vital to the overall health of your septic system.  These are the four main reasons you should get your tank pumped immediately:

You Haven’t Pumped Your Tank in Three or More Years

Three years is the magic number for septic system pumping. Septic systems should be pumped every three years or more, according to all experts.  Pumping your tank at this frequency will help prevent build up in your septic tank. And, it will ensure that there is no backup is your system that works its way into your home.  If you are not sure when the last time your septic tank was pumped, be sure to contact a professional so they can help you determine if it is time to pump your tank. 

If Your Tank has Buildup or Backup

There are usually a few warning signs that your septic tank has buildup. Any abnormalities, such brown grass, puddles on your lawn, or a foul-smelling odor in your yard, are a key indicator that there you have septic tank backup. In addition, if your pipes keep getting clogged or if you sense backup or buildup in any of the pipes in your house, there is a high chance it is telling you that your septic system is backed up. These warning signs tell you that you have waited too long to pump your septic tank and that you should schedule an appointment to get it pumped, as soon as possible. 

To Prevent Future Issues

With a large and important system, like a septic system, it is important to try to prevent future issues, as it can help avoid expensive repairs in the long run.  Preventative septic system maintenance is one of the most important measure you can take to keep your system healthy, as it helps avoid issues sucks as backup, leaky pipes, slow drainage, odors, and more.  These issues can quickly become expensive, time consuming, and a hassle, as they effect the function of your home. 

To Improve Tank Efficiency

Pumping your tank at the recommended frequency helps keep all of the systems flowing properly.  Good tank efficiency looks like fast drainage, no backup, and no odors. Regular tank pumping will keep your system at proper working levels so that you never experience any of the aforementioned issues.

Be sure to contact Bay State, if you think you’re due for a septic system pumping.  Keeping these four reasons why septic system pumping is so important in the back of your mind will help keep at least one of the systems in your house working well!