When to Replace Versus Repair Pipes

You may not know that the pipes in your home are a very important part of your septic system.  But, pipes are essential to both your septic system and the overall function of your home. Replacing versus repairing pipes is a very important (and costly) distinction that needs to be made.  Replacing pipes means that your pipes have been worn out, which means that you will need to do a renovation in order to get new ones. Repairing pipes is a simpler task and can be done by Bay State in the matter of a few hours. Don’t be scared or worried about either replacing or repairing pipes, as it is part of the lifecycle of your septic system.  Read on to find out about how to make the distinction between pipe replacement and pipe cleaning, why you should do it, and how you should do it. 

Replacing Versus Repairing Pipes

Pipes are designed to last a long time, but like anything else, they do wear out or have other issues, over time.  Old, worn out, or damaged pipes can have negative effects on both your septic system and plumbing.  Pipes get corroded, leak, or have buildup over time.  But, not all of these issues mean immediate pipe replacement.  If your pipes are older than 50 years, that is the first sign you are in need of a pipe replacement.  Some other signs that could indicate you need new pipes are pipe cracks, corrosion, discolored water, or perpetual leaks from the pipes. However, there are a few issues you may be experiencing that indicate you need to either repair or clean your pipes. If you feel like your pipes are clogged, there is any gurgling or funny sounds, or if there is a new and small leak, it is time to get your pipes inspected to help determine if it is time to repair or clean them. In addition, another thing to keep in mind is that if you are doing a major kitchen, bathroom, or basement renovation, it may be a good time to replace or repair pipes, if you believe you are in need of it. 

Why to Replace or Repair Pipes

If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned issues, you’ll want to know why you’re investing money to fix these issues.  Pipes that are in need of replacement will cause a variety of septic and plumbing issues.  Corroded pipes are the reason for discolored water; this water is usually rust-colored because the material from the pipes is getting into your drinking water.  This is a telltale sign you want to replace them immediately to ensure proper health for everyone in your household. Even if your pipes are not this bad, you still may need repairs for clogs or leaks that lead to low water pressure. Repairing clogs or leaks will help give you better water pressure, will help you use less water, and contribute to a healthy septic system. 

How to Replace or Repair Pipes

If you know you are experiencing any of these pipe issues, or other septic system issues, be sure to contact Bay State.  A professional will come to your home to discover what issues you are facing with your pipes. Then, they will recommend a pipe replacement or pipe repair, based on their findings. 

Now that you know what the distinction is between pipe replacement and pipe repair, there is no need to panic about next steps. Just be sure to contact Bay State with any concerns or questions.