Video Line Inspections

Video camera line inspections for septic systems, drains, pipes and sewers are a cost-effective option for homeowners and businesses. Repairs often require a fair amount of digging up the ground. Backhoes are used to access a broken pipe,  drain, plumbing blockages, or areas of your septic system that are deeply embedded. We make it possible to have your system inspected without this type of property destruction, thanks to our innovative fiber-optic video line inspections.

Experiencing issues with your septic system is stressful enough, without having to worry about the cost and workload associated with diagnosing the problem. We work hard to diagnose your septic, drain, sewer, and water line problems quickly and with little disruption to our commercial and residential clients throughout Massachusetts. If you would like to learn more about video camera septic, sewer, drain, and pipeline inspections, click here.

Benefits of Video Line Inspections

Pinpoint the Problem

Our fiber-optic video line inspections help to pinpoint the problem with your septic lines, drains, and sewers with minimal digging needed.

Preserve Your Landscape

We work hard to minimize the disruption to your landscape and property with this advanced fiber-optic technology.

Save Time & Money

Using a fiber-optic video camera to locate the problem is far more affordable (and requires less work) than trenching and searching.


Bay State Customer Review

"We thought we had a crack in a drain or our septic system and could not pinpoint the problem on our own. We were concerned that a lot of digging would be required to identify the problem so we called Bay State. They recommended a fiber optic video inspection and, as it turned out, they discovered that it was a simple issue that only required a minor repair."

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Plymouth County