Lift & Pump Stations

New England is famous for its unreliable and extreme temperatures. From spring rain to fall storms, hurricanes, snowmelt, and more, there are plenty of opportunities for water to seep into your foundation and property. We provide comprehensive lift and pump station repair and maintenance services to help protect your lift station pump.

  • We service and repair all types of pump/lift station pumps
  • We’ll inspect your pump/lift station and recommend the right repair or pump replacement
  • Our lift/pump services are available for 24/7 emergency responses
  • We provide lift/pump station repairs throughout Southeastern MA

What Is A Lift/Pump Station?

New England Pump stations, also called lift stations, handle sewage from underground gravity pipelines. A wet well (underground storage pit) is fed sewage and then stored. When sewage rises to a certain point, a pump will start to pump the sewage through a sewer source main (pressurized pipe system) where the sewage is discharged into a manhole or D box, depending on the type of system servicing your home or business. The cycle repeats itself until the sewage reaches a treatment plant or leaching area.

For more in-depth information on pump stations, click here.


Bay State Customer Review

"When it comes to pump stations and lift stations Bay State Sewage is known to have the best team in Massachusetts. They replaced my pump within hours and did not charge extra because I needed it done within a few days of my call."

Tony D.
Middleboro, MA 02346
Plymouth County