Septic Products

Chemicals put the “good bacteria” back into a septic tank. The bacteria contained in the tank contributes to the conversion of solid waste materials into wastewater. All the Septic Products and chemicals we offer are DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) Approved.


bio-rem-e-dBecomes active in liquid. The enzymes present break down organic waste into food for the bacteria present. The bacteria use this food to multiply and produce more enzymes. This cycle continues until the waste has been completely digested leaving the area free of solids, free flowing, and odor-free. Used to break down grease in problem grease traps and sluggish sewer and leach lines, it eliminates odors and unclogs drains.


ccls-picMaintains septic systems, digests waste, unclogs plumbing waste lines and eliminates odors. CCLS works by reducing organic buildup. The bacteria present produce enzymes that break down organic solid materials into food for bacteria. The bacteria digest this material and use the food to multiply and produce enzymes. This cycle continues until the waste has been completely digested, leaving the area free of solids, free-flowing, and odor-free.


poly-lok-filterThe PL-122 was the first filter developed by Polylok. The biggest advantage of this filter is that it has an automatic shut off ball built into every filter. When the filter is removed for regular cleaning, the ball will float up and temporarily shut off the system so the effluent won’t leave the tank. To this day, no other manufacturer can make that claim. It is also rated for 1,500 GPD (Gallons Per Day) and is NSF approved. If you want to add protection to your drainfield, you might add a filter at the outlet tee. It will prolong the life expectancy of your drainfield by reducing the level of suspended solids flowing out of the tank.


drainmasterA very high-count liquid buildup remover for residential or commercial use. It contains natural bacteria and enzymes that are scientifically formulated to break down grease, fats, and other organic buildup that can clog and create odors in drains, pipes, and grease traps.