Septic Tank Treatments

Septic systems are like small-scale wastewater treatment systems that require a well-balanced environment in order to perform perfectly. Little things, like doing several loads of laundry back to back, can disrupt the calm conditions of your tank, leading to clogging or issues with leach fields. Both conventional and aerobic treatment units use countless microorganisms to digest and break down organic waste. To ensure these microorganisms remain healthy and active, tank treatments are required.

Our expert technicians will determine what (if any) treatments your system needs. We introduce new “good bacteria” as needed into your system, using DEP-approved products, helping to protect those microorganisms. This ensures system functionality and proper breakdown of organic waste.

Types of Septic Tank Treatments We Offer


Eliminates odors and clogs. Good bacteria use Bio-Rem E-D as food in order to multiply inside the tank to add bacteria.


Reduces organic buildup in drains to remove grease, leaving the area free of solids. Also eliminates odors.


Features unique shut-off ball that temporarily shuts the system off when the filter is removed.


Suited to break down grease in the commercial applications used in drains.


Bay State Customer Review

"Bay State Sewage explained the importance of using septic system treatments and chemicals to help break down waste to help prevent clogging our leach field. They delivered BIO-REM E-D to our door when they were pumping our septic tank and showed us how to use it. Their guys are always so friendly, clean, and professional."

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