Septic System Maintenance

A clogged, backed-up, or failing septic tank or system can be a costly experience. Septic tank cleaning and maintenance will help prolong the need of homeowners and businesses from having septic cleaning, repairs, or complete septic system replacement. We perform regular septic tank cleaning and maintenance services designed to extend the life of your system and help you avoid the pains of a septic system failure.

Over time, your septic system may begin to break down and fail, causing septic back-ups and clogging. We’ll treat your system with septic treatment chemicals that reintroduce good bacteria, to aid in the conversion of solid waste materials into wastewater.

Without regular septic tank cleaning, septic cleaning service and septic maintenance, your septic tank or septic system may be at risk of premature failure if exposed to certain contents, such as detergents, bleach, polishes, disinfectants, toilet/tub cleaners, acids, cleaning compounds, caustic drain openers and antiseptics.

We’ve been considered one of the best septic cleaning companies in MA since 1984, so let us help you keep your system in top condition.

Septic System Warning Signs

If you think your septic system is not working properly, check for wet spots in your lawn. Wet spots can also be caused by drains and slow-draining toilets. Listen for gurgling sounds in your drains and watch out for sewage odors outside and inside your house.

Cost of Failing Septic Systems

A failed septic system can endanger your family’s health, pollute the environment, reduce your property value, and can be extremely costly to repair.


Bay State Customer Review

"I’ve used Bay State sewage for over 20 years. They created a septic tank cleaning, septic pumping, and septic maintenance plan that will extend the life of my septic system and will save me money in the long run. Their technicians are always on time, clean, and professional."

Gene P.
Raynham, MA 02767
Bristol County