Septic Systems, Cesspools & Soil Absorption Pits

How do you know if you have a septic system, cesspool, trench system or soil absorption pit? Our customer service team can work with you over the phone or a technician can come to your home or business. We service residential and commercial customers throughout Southeastern, MA, including Plymouth, Bristol, Norfolk and Suffolk Counties. Our certified repair technicians will ensure your septic system, cesspool, soil absorption pit and trench system are in perfect working order. We have over 30 years of experience in the septic system pumping, repair, inspection and installation business. Our expert team will make sure that you save money in the long run by keeping your septic tank in perfect working order. This will add years to the life expectancy of your septic system, cesspool, soil absorption pit or trench system.

  • We handle Septic Systems, Cesspools, Soil Absorption Pits and Trench Systems
  • We serve commercial and residential clients in MA & RI
  • We’ll repair your system around your schedule
  • We’ll identify if you have a septic system, cesspool, soil absorption pit or trench system

Do I have a Septic System, Cesspool, Soil Absorption Pit or Trench System?


Older septic systems that are made of concrete blocks or flat fieldstone cylinders.

Septic Systems

Made up of a solid (main) tank and leaching facility (also known as soil absorption systems).

Soil Absorption Pits

Known as beehives, similar to cesspools but have a regular tank off of the house and a pit off of that.

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Bay State Sewage Customer Review

I was completely uneducated about septic tanks when I moved into my new house. My neighbors use Bay State and recommended I give them a call. They could not have been more pleasant to deal with and I’ve been using them now for 5 years.

Septic systems, cesspools, soil absorption pits and trench systems

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