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Grease trap pumping, grease interceptor pumping and grease trap cleaning services have been our specialty since 1984. We offer scheduled grease trap cleaning service and grease interceptor maintenance for commercial-grade kitchens throughout Massachusetts. We use the technically-advanced Conde ProVac grease trap pump, which has revolutionized grease trap cleaning by allowing us to clean out your grease trap system during business hours, with minimal odor.

  • We give you freedom to schedule our grease pumping, maintenance and cleaning services
  • We protect your grease trap/interceptor with thorough cleanings and maintenance
  • We offer regular scheduled grease trap maintenance, pumping and cleaning service programs
  • Serving commercial kitchens throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Engalnd
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Interior and Exterior Grease Trap/Interceptor Pumping

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Interior Grease Traps

Using the Conde ProVac, we vacuum clean your interior grease trap to prevent backup. This should be done at least quarterly by law.

Exterior Grease Tanks

Safe and durable; cost-effective; minimal downtime or disruption; prevents grease build up in city sewer lines or from passing through to the septic tank. Regular maintenance is key.

Grease Trap Pumping for Restaurants and Kitchens

Commercial kitchens endure a great deal of abuse during the course of the day. Among the biggest factors that negatively impact the performance of your commercial kitchen is the disposal of grease. Many restaurant owners are not informed on grease trap requirements or best practices. If you have questions about commercial kitchens, click here for a great resource to reference.

Hot water dissolves kitchen grease and deposits it into the plumbing lines. As this water cools, the grease congeals with debris in the water. It then sticks to the interior of your pipes. If you use garbage grinders, this exacerbates the issue by adding raw food particles to the congealed grease.

If you fail to clean out your grease traps and tanks, you will experience slow drainage, foul odors, and (eventually) stoppage.

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Conde ProVac Commercial Grade Grease Pumping System

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For pumping grease out of my grease trap for my restaurant, I only use Bay State Sewage. They have me on an automatic pumping schedule and are impeccable when cleaning my grease interceptor.

Bay State Sewage 5 star review

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