Commercial Septic Pumping

We’re the best commercial septic & cesspool pumping service in Massachusetts. A typical commercial septic system will endure a heavy load of sludge buildup, but routine septic pumping and tank cleaning are necessary in order to protect your system from backup or failure. Bay State Sewage provides expert-level septic pumping for commercial clients throughout Massachusetts. Our offerings include:

  • Commercial septic & cesspool pumping
  • MA Title V inspection and certification
  • Commercial maintenance programs (automatic pump outs)
  • Exterior grease tank pumping
  • Septic system backup prevention
  • Sludge removal and treatments
  • Interior grease trap/interceptor pumping

Commercial Pumping Service Tips

The frequency of your commercial septic service will depend on a number of factors. Call our specialists today so that they may assist you in choosing the right program for your business.

System Bacterial Additive Products & Chemical Treatments

Many commercial septic products effectively kill beneficial bacteria from your system. We’ll help reintroduce the proper amount.

Commercial Septic System Filters

If your commercial septic system has a filter, we’ll clean it with every septic service if the cover to the filter is ground level. We also recommend a septic system filter be installed if you don’t have one already.

Conde ProVac Commercial Septic Tank & Grease Pump

Bay State Sewage is excited to introduce to our commercial clients the Conde ProVac commercial septic waste and grease pump out unit. This industrial-strength system allows us to keep offensive smells to a minimum during septic and grease removal.

For commercial clients, this is more than just an issue. Unwanted odors can cause you to lose customers. But with Bay State Sewage, you can enjoy exceptional service with fewer unwanted smells. With Conde ProVac – unique to Bay State Sewage – we can provide service any time of the day or night, based on your needs, without you having to worry about the impact on your customers or employees.

Commercial Septic Pumping: How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of a commercial septic pumping varies greatly depending on the size of the establishment. The average tank size for smaller commercial establishments in Bristol, Barnstable, Norfolk, Plymouth, and Suffolk Counties is 2,000 gallons and prices typically start around $300. Commercial tanks can be as large as 50,000 gallons and there are many factors involved in determining the cost for pumping services. For these situations, we customize a price for tanks above 2,000 gallons.

Remember: Septic Pumping Helps Avoid Costly Repairs!


Bay State Customer Review

"I’ve used Bay State Sewage for commercial septic pumping services for several reasons. They have the trucks that can handle the size of my commercial septic tank, their technicians are on time and don’t disrupt my business, and they always remind me when it’s time for my commercial septic pumping services."

Charles K.
Middleboro, MA 02344
Plymouth County