Commercial Septic and Grease Service FAQ

Yes, we are always available with live customer service, 24/7/365. We have an extensive team of managers and technicians, making it possible for us to be available whenever, and wherever, our commercial clients need us.
Yes, because of our large fleet and expansive team, we provide coverage throughout New England.
While we provide emergency services anytime, any day, many of our clients want to have our services come outside of normal business hours. Bay State Sewage is happy to provide our services outside of your primary business hours to accommodate your needs and the needs of your customers.
Yes, Bay State Sewage will be happy to arrange an automatic service plan for you to accommodate your specific needs. We offer many types of plans and frequencies sure to match your requirements.
We can accommodate any type of invoice requirement you need in order to simplify the process on your end.
No, this is not required before your first service. However, we also suggest you check with our customer service department to determine the specifics.
Of course! On the day of your service, you can call our customer service center. Our representatives will check with dispatch to determine your estimated time of arrival.
If you’d like a dedicated account manager, we’ll gladly assign a commercial account representative to your case. Just let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Grease Trap

Absolutely. Our commercial licensed applications installers have the expertise to install inside grease traps. Bay State will take care of the permits.
The price of a new grease trap will vary based on many factors (including trap size and location). Floor-based grease traps involve more labor than above ground traps. Call our team to learn more about an accurate quote for your project.
Bay State Sewage (alongside the Board of Health) recommends quarterly grease tank servicing for New England businesses; however, we can give you a more accurate frequency requirement once we learn more about your system and business.
That sure can be frustrating. This backup is likely due to a clog in the inlet or outlet line. Not to worry, contact our team so we can diagnose the problem.
That could be for a number of reasons. If your grease trap smells, then you may need a cover replacement, seal or gasket. If your floor drains are emitting the odor, you may need jetting or drain cleaning work performed. Our technicians can give you a clearer, more accurate picture once you contact us.
The solution need not be too complex. Simple screens placed on your drains can work just fine. Our team can help you find the right screens for your drain.
There are products that claim to help; however, some products may do more harm than good. We recommend that you consult with us prior to adding any product to your trap. However, here at Bay State Sewage, we entrust in Drain Master, which is an enzyme that breaks down grease. Talk to our team to learn the proper dosage to use.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Septic Pumping Service

Every commercial application differs. More frequent pumping is recommended if your system is aging, if your system handles a great deal of water, or if your system is not performing as it should be.
Some of our clients wonder why we don’t just skim the tank; but that approach doesn’t remove sludge from the bottom of the tank. As your tank ages, this sludge builds up and takes up valuable space. In order to prolong the life and performance of your tank, we recommend pumping the entire tank.
The easier approach to this is to ask: what should I flush down a toilet. You should only flush one-ply toilet paper and human waste. Nothing else. Keep in mind that throughout the day other products end up in our tank (like soaps, etc.), which is why we recommend the use of green products.
We do have special pricing for frequent commercial customers, including contractors. Contact our Commercial Sales Team to learn more.
Bay State Sewage is fortunate to have an extensive fleet, with trucks ranging in capacity from 3,600 gallons to 9,000 gallons. In other words, we’ll have no problem handling your project.
Absolutely. If we determine that you’ll need more than one truck, or if you know you’ll need more than one, we’ll accommodate your needs.
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Bay State Sewage has pumped, cleaned and maintained the grease trap/interceptor for my restaurant since I opened over 20 years ago.

Bay State Sewage 5 star review

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