Commercial Septic System Dos & Don'ts

It’s vital that you work closely with our commercial septic and grease technicians to ensure that your system runs at optimal performance for years to come. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your septic and grease system.

Septic System Dos

  • Make sure an expert septic technician, like ours at Bay State Sewage, inspects your commercial septic system regularly.
  • Maintain an updated and accurate diagram of your septic system to be used for future reference.
  • Prevent any vehicles and heavy equipment from your septic system. We suggest, if possible, adding a fence or other type of barricade to prevent trespassing or damage.
  • Conserve water and balance your water usage throughout the week. Try to perform all of your water-heavy activities in one day.
  • Contact Bay State Sewage’s technicians immediately if you discover any problems or concerns, including odors or slow draining.
  • Divert all surface water away from your tank and drain field.
  • Keep your septic tank cover easily accessible for maintenance, including inspections and pumping. This may require the installation of risers, which we perform for our clients throughout New England.
  • Keep a detailed copy of all repairs and services done to your system, including all inspections.
  • Install and maintain filters. We strongly recommend the use of filters as part of our maintenance program.
  • If you have an alternating leach field and diversion valve, switch between your leach fields yearly.
  • Make sure that your septic, grease, and pump tanks are all easily accessible.
  • Make sure you have manually cleaned lint traps on your automatic washer.
  • Maintain a healthy grass cover over your leach field and prevent erosion with the use of water.

Septic System Don'ts

  • Do not flush any trash or chemicals. This includes solvents and oils, which can kill the microorganisms that are vital to the functionality of your septic system.
  • Avoid discharging water softener backwash into your tank. The high levels of chloride can destroy good bacteria.
  • Do not plant trees in the septic system area. Water-loving, deep rooting plants can wreak havoc on your system.
  • Never drive over your septic or grease tank and leach fields.
  • Don’t build anything over the leach field. In fact, don’t even plant anything over it except for grass.
  • Don’t ever enter your septic or grease tank. The gases from your tank can be deadly. It’s vital that if you’re experiencing issues, you contact our specialists immediately.
  • Avoid flushing any plastics or personal hygiene products.
  • Do not flush medicine, litter, paints, cigarettes, sand, coffee grinds, or even dental floss. These objects fill your tank up prematurely, which can become costly and will shorten the life of your tank.
  • Don’t connect rain gutters or storm drains to your septic system.

Bay State Customer Review

"Bay State Sewage has always been great to me and my business. I’ve used them for years for commercial septic pumping and septic repairs. I’d recommend them to any business owner."

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