Car Wash Cleaning & Pumping

A car wash is a facility well worth investing in, but clogged lines and poor maintenance can quickly turn a booming endeavor into a bust. Bay State’s car wash maintenance and pumping service will ensure that your car wash remains in good working order (and your investment remains in good standing).

Deliver the finest-quality car wash service to your clients, avoid costly emergency repairs, and enjoy a considerable increase in peace of mind—Bay State’s team of maintenance technicians will comb over each car cleaning pump, water line, tank, and tunnel with diligence and care. We’ll customize the service we offer to fit your needs, whether that means a simple Vactor truck run or a top-to-bottom system overhaul.

Put your trust in an environmental services company that really cares. Bay State’s passionate professionals are ready to take your call.

Why do you need car wash maintenance?

Successful car wash owners know that regular maintenance is a key practice. Many operators will schedule services as often as once a quarter. Why? Car wash facility cleaning and maintenance offers numerous benefits to owners:

  • Your equipment will function optimally, leading to better results for clients and owners alike.
  • You’ll regularly clear out any clogged dirt and grease that interfere with car cleaning. Water pumps will be completely free of contaminants after a full flush, ensuring hygienic, safe facilities.
  • You’ll avoid big (often expensive) problems by catching the small issues early on.
  • You’ll spend less capital on utilities by increasing your water efficiency and environmental track record.
  • How do we perform car wash maintenance?

    The process starts when you reach out to our team. We’ll chat with you about your business’s needs ahead of time, so we can arrive with everything we need to get the job done right. Bay State uses a customized combination of four specialty trucks to carry out car wash services:

  • Vactor trucks vacuum debris out of drains and pits. We carry the mess away and dispose of it for you.
  • Pump trucks move and collect water, so we can clear out any standing water, service the equipment, flush clean water through the system, and remove dirty water from the premises.
  • Service trucks carry all the hand tools and equipment we need to perform cleaning and maintenance.
  • Sand trucks transport the fresh, clean sand that’s added to car wash water as a gentle abrasive.
  • We use these tools of the trade to jet lines, clear out stubborn built-up dirt, and leave your car wash sparkling clean and working like a dream. Since our services are completely customizable, we can handle all types of car wash facilities—self-serve, tunnels, and bays alike.

    Car Wash Cleaning & Pumping from Bay State Sewage

    Bay State Sewage has been serving Southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island with stellar services since 1984. Throughout that tenure, we’ve maintained a consistent dedication to expert work, competitive rates, a neighborly attitude, and constant improvement of our offerings and skills.

    Don’t settle for less than the very best—give us a call, and we’ll tell you more about how we can meet your business’s unique car wash cleaning and pumping needs, including hourly, half-day, and full-day rates, as needed. A partnership with Bay State Sewage is the easiest, most efficient road to reliable maintenance, flawlessly functioning facilities, a more secure investment, and the satisfaction of a job well done.


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